Introducing DogKeeper, a new and innovative 360° range of motion leash system. DogKeeper allows you to walk away from your dog with the peace of mind knowing they are secure and won’t wander off. The DogKeeper is functional for dogs of ALL sizes, from Chihuahua to Great Dane! DogKeeper is the next best thing you never knew your dog needed.

DogKeeper comes with 3 parts: the base, leash holder unit, and a wall mount. A durable and retractable leash may be purchased separately. To install, simply secure the base into the ground using a hammer or mallet, slide the leash unit onto the top of the base, attach your preferred leash, lock in place and let your dog roam freely!

Also in the DogKeeper package is a wall mount that may be secured to a fence for long term use, screws included. DogKeeper is made of high quality UV powder coated steel built to last. Enough talking about DogKeeper, let your fur friends try it for themselves!